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The Best Hair Removal Device: Epilators And How To Use Them

Have you ever thought of flaunting your legs or the curves of your body but have restricted yourself as you have unwanted body hair? How many times you have desired to dive in the pool or surf on the ocean wearing the most daring of bikinis but have been unable to do so in reality as you have not removed the unwanted hairs of your body due to some reason or other. Well, it is time to turn your dreams to fact and have a soft, silky smooth skin that will make others jealous. Be the center stage of attraction removing the unwanted hair of your body and walk smart in the party and get appreciated by hour stunning beauty and the lovely skin. There are various methods of removing the unwanted hairs of our body. You can use the depilatory creams, shaving, waxing or can use the best epilators. Using an epilator will allow you not only to have smooth hair free skin, but it will also reduce the frequency of the hair growth.

The Epilators

If you want to have super smooth skin without any body hair for weeks, then you should use a good epilator that will wipe out all your worries. Before you start, it is better to know a bit about the epilators. They are nothing but a mechanical device running on electrical or battery power that grasps many unwanted body hairs and pulls them out. They are very easy to maintain, and one can use a variety of types available in the market like the spring type, rotating disc type, tweezers-type or the wet type.

Using Them

If you are using the epilator for the first time, then you might feel a little uncomfortable, but with proper planning and right adopting the right technique, it becomes a cakewalk. Yes, all types of epilators give some pain, but one should always remember that there s no gain without any pain. It also pains when you pluck your eyebrows but do you restrict yourself from looking beautiful? Well no. Same is the thing with the epilators. If you want to have smooth skin without unwanted hairs at the most vital parts of the body, then use an epilator. Proper planning and using make the hair removal painless ad one can have a silky smooth supermodel skin for weeks.

The Method

  • Before you begin, it is necessary to have a warm shower so that the hairs on your body become soft and the pores open up allowing the epilator to pull off the hairs painlessly. If you are using a wet type epilator use them while having the shower. You will get some of the best results.
  • Wet/ dry epilators are waterproof, and one can easily use them while in the shower and wash off the body cleaning the removed hair. These types of epilators can be carried with you while you are traveling as they are lightweight and mostly battery powered. Many epilators also allow you to shave and go for pedicures as they have multiple heads.
  • One should always run the epilator on the flat and tight skin surface so that the epilator can smoothly skim along the surface of the body capturing many hairs in one move and removing them. If you are using the epilator on your underarm or the upper part of the thighs near the bikini lines, you should pull your skin and make the area taut so that there are no obstacles of the curves of the soft skin and the epilator moves freely.
  • You should always epilate the unwanted hair of your body to have a smooth skin when your body is warm and do not have Goosebumps. If you have Goosebumps, the epilator cannot move freely directly on the uneven surface, and you will have a rough hair removal of your body. If your skin is free of Goosebumps, it will also hurt you less. One should always use an epilator to remove the unwanted hairs of the body when there are no rashes, bumps or itches.
  • To get the best result using an epilator to remove the unwanted hairs from the most observed part of the body that you want to flaunt and feel sensual it is always better to exfoliate the skin for some days immediately before using the epilator. It will help to remove the dead skins and ingrown hairs and open up the pores for easy hair removal. It is also better to exfoliate for few days after using the epilator to remove the unwanted hairs so that the ingrown hairs can be minimized.
  • If you are epilating for the first time or removing the hairs after long intervals, it is always better to have a light shave off the area so that the numbers of hairs are reduced, and painless epilating of the unwanted hairs are done.
  • If you have sensitive skin and feel worried about the pain, then you can use a numbing cream before using the epilator. However, this may only be required to remove unwanted hairs from the sensitive areas of the body like the underarms, breasts or the areas near pubic parts. It is always better to have a cold bath or go for a cold compress if you feel pain. One can take an over the counter mild painkiller half an hour before removing the unwanted hair to minimize the pain.
  • Some women feel that the body is most sensitive just before the menstrual period starts and less painful for 3/ 4 days after the period is over. Depending upon your body sensitivity, use the epilator accordingly so as to experience minimum pain.


Everybody wants to have a smooth, silky skin and wear dresses and do activities that will not make them feel awkward. If you want to have a skin free of unwanted hairs for a long time and enjoy the compliments looking attractive and mystic then removing the unwanted body hair on the most desired places by using the best epilator is the perfect option. One should always dare to bare.